About the Bluegarden Group

Leading provider of payroll and HR administration in the Scandinavian region.

Bluegarden Group has more than 600 employees at 11 offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Every year, we issue more than 28 million payslips. This means that more than 20 percent of all salaried employees in the Scandinavian region get their payslips from Bluegarden.

Our success is based on respect and precision

We develop and operate some of the most used and user-friendly platforms for HR and payroll administration. Our strong market position is based on great respect for the responsibility that we hold, and we take pride in working precisely and accurately. Our five core values are precision, respect, simplicity, value creation and execution – and they are part and parcel of everything we do.

Precision is vital when we handle millions of people's payroll and HR details. After many years in this sector, we have built up a sound understanding of and respect for our customers' needs and challenges. This means that we always focus on developing simple solutions that are never too complex. Our payroll and HR administration products are simple, scalable to all types and sizes of companies, and most important of all, easy to handle on an everyday basis. Our aim is to take care of payroll and HR administration for our customers, leaving them free to concentrate on their core business.

Our history

The foundation of Bluegarden Group is our sound expertise. We have more than 40 years' experience from handling payroll and HR-administration software solutions across the Scandinavian countries. Today, the Group has developed into one of the largest players in Scandinavian in this industry. Our companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden share the values and method, but each have their own history. Bluegarden in Denmark originates from Multidata, which was founded back in 1968 as part of the Danish Pengeinstitutternes Betalingssystem (PBS). In 2003, Multidata was hived off from PBS as a separate company. In Sweden, Bluegarden's roots lie in Växjo PA-konsult, which was founded in 1979.In Norway, the original company was Statens Driftssentral for Databehandling, which was established in 1972. In 2004, the Swedish company Bluegarden initiated strategic cooperation with Danish Multidata. This cooperation was expanded in July 2007, when the owners of Swedish Bluegarden and Norwegian Ratos sold the companies to Multidata. This led to the establishment of Multidata-Bluegarden Group, which in 2012 changed its name to Bluegarden Group.

In September 2015 Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm with more than $3 billion of capital under management, acquired 100% of the share capital of Bluegarden Holding A/S.

Facts about Bluegarden

The Group is owned by Marlin Equity Partners.

Facts about Bluegarden

  • A leading provider of payroll and HR-related software in the Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

  • Handles more than 28 million payslips per year

  • 18-20 percent of all salaried employees in Scandinavian region get their payslips via one of Bluegarden’s solutions

  • Bluegarden has more than 650 employees at 11 different offices in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

  • The Group has approx. 65,000 customers

  • The Annual Report is presented in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act

  • The key figures are in accordance with the guidelines from the Danish Society of Financial Analysts

  • Auditors: Deloitte

  • Bank: Nordea

Code of Conduct

1. Purpose

Bluegarden's Code of Conduct is a set of rules for ethical conduct which defines how we do business. All Bluegarden employees must adhere to this Code of Conduct, in order to safeguard our reputation as a company with high integrity and credibility. 

Bluegarden's Code of Conduct clearly states what we deem to be acceptable conduct for all employees acting on the company's behalf.
If an employee faces a situation that conflicts with our Code of Conduct, we strongly recommend the person in question to notify his or her own manager, or the SVP Human Resources. 

2. Business principles

Gifts and events
At Bluegarden, we neither offer nor accept gifts, invitations, etc. of a size or nature that may indicate an inappropriate purpose. 

It is extremely important to us that gifts, etc. do not influence business agreements in any way, and that our employees avoid entering into any binding relationship with a supplier. Bluegarden employees may not offer or receive gifts that lead to a customer, business partner, supplier or ourselves experiencing an obligation to do business with a specific party.
Employees should always consider the event carefully whenever offered an activity, whether this is by an existing or potential supplier/business partner. This applies especially to all types of extraordinary events that include refreshments and/or travel opportunities. 

Small gifts such as individual bottles of wine, chocolate, a couple of cinema tickets, flowers, etc. may be accepted, but for larger events employees should consult their immediate manager or the HR Department.  The purpose is to maintain a 100% objective assessment of our suppliers within their respective segments.

Confidential information
Bluegarden employees are subject to a statutory obligation to protect confidential information, whether it originates from customers, business partners, suppliers or other departments of Bluegarden. 

Our employees are in day-to-day contact with sensitive personal data and any misuse or unauthorised disclosure of this data is not permitted, which means that any infringement will be notified to the police. 

No employee may disclose confidential information to any third party without the owner's consent, nor make unauthorised use of such information on behalf of the Group, customers, business partners, suppliers or colleagues/employees.

Fraud and embezzlement
Bluegarden is a company to which other parties' data is entrusted. This data must be treated with the humility and respect that are embedded in our values. This also means that all employees have a duty to report this to their manager or HR Department if they discover irregularities in the systems or suspect that something is taking place that is not in accordance with the procedures.

Bluegarden rejects any form of corruption, which we do not tolerate in either our own activities or those of our business partners. Employees who are involved in bribery or other forms of corruption may be subject to legal action and held personally responsible. 

In the the same way, we do not tolerate "facilitation payments" (unofficial "handling charges") in any circumstances.

Cases that entail corruption or any type of fraud will result in outright dismissal and will be reported to the police.

Certifications and assurance reports

We offer ISAE3402 type-II reports, which give an independent assessment of whether the controls were suitably designed and put into operation, and are operating effectively.

Bluegarden AB in Sweden is certified according to ISO9001. A third party certifies that the management system of Bluegarden AB has been audited and is in accordance with the requirements of SS-EN ISO 9001:2008. Bluegarden AS in Norway and Bluegarden A/S in Denmark offer their customers an independent Service Auditor’s Report according to the international standard for assurance engagement, ISAE3402 - Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organization (previously SAS 70 type II).

A report confirms that Bluegarden has an internal control system in place. CobiT 5.0 has been used as the control framework for the reports. The report describes the controls and the effectiveness of the controls that have an impact on the user organisation's financial reporting. We offer ISAE3402 type-II reports, which give an independent assessment of whether the controls were suitably designed and put into operation, and are operating effectively. The Service Auditor’s reports cover a calendar year and are offered to customers who have used the services described during the audit period. They will assist the user organisation's auditor in auditing the user organisation's financial statements.